Saturday, August 08, 2009

Candid Picture...of my boys.

My preschooler is in the bathroom doing his business reading his ABC book while his toddler brother looks on. My husband is sitting on the side of the bathtub reading the newspaper keeping them company.



K said...

this is the sweetest picture EVER .. please will you join "Slurping Life" today with this entry

K said...

woo hoo so glad you joined

Lisa said...

Wow that bathroom with all the people in it looks like what exactly happens at our house!
I giggled as I know I am not alone now!

Cute, cute photo!

Bonnie said...

how adorable !!!

~ Melody ~ said...

OMG! I am in love with this image. So real...and cute.

Jewelz said...

For a brief moment I thought your hubby was doing 'his business' then I laughed as my eye was drawn to your son then your words.
Very Cute, Very Real capture!
Nice :0)

lonestar said...

That is so sweet! Just shows family time can happen anywhere :)