Monday, August 31, 2009

Years ago, I couldn't read a certain small font at work and bought some reading glasses to read it. Since then, slowly but surely, I can tell that my eyes are getting older (and I now use reading glasses at the computer.) I have noticed that I am doing what my own mom did at this age (squint and ask for clarification on certain numbers or letters.) I used to only need them for close-up reading but I've noticed in the last few weeks, that even farther away things are now blurry. I seem to carry reading classes around with me all the time (reading bedtime story at night, reading menus at restaurants, balancing the checkbook, and reading the newspaper.) The mornings are the worst. Ugh!! I guess I will soon bite the bullet and actually get my eyes checked. That's not the scary part...when I do get glasses, my biggest issue will be picking out frames.


K said...

get the glasses doll - I bet they will look so cute on u

Mike said...

lol - Finally, there is justice. :) That'll teach you to make fun of people's age.