Thursday, September 17, 2009

I have been working my behind off moving stuff at my mother-in-law's house (how I wish that was a literal statement!) I'm renting out her house to my brother (except a large room that used to be a garage in which I'm storing her furniture. I want her tiny nestegg to last as long as possible and the rent money will help. Her home is in such disarray that it would be in need of huge capital in order to rent it to anyone else. So, my nephew and I have been working in the mornings going through closets and moving furniture. I feel like her things shouldn't be disposed of or divided considering she's still alive. My dental hygienist suggested a book to me while I got my teeth cleaned last week, The Long Goodbye. She said her husband often referenced it in his line of work with the elderly...those with Alzheimers...they die slowly as their memories fade and away from the person you once loved... My legs are sore and I've packed many boxes thus far. We've been extremely productive and it feels great!

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K said...

gosh You are really the best DIL