Saturday, September 19, 2009

We went to a birthday party for a neighbor's daughter today at a park. While we all had a great time and I took a ton of pictures, there were many cute ones of my toddler that I wanted to share. He loves climbing and climbed up as I held my breath...

Then played peek-a-boo!

I just love his smile! How great it is to be one!

What SOOC photo do you have to share this SOOC Saturday {weekend}?


iMother2.0 said...

soooo proud of you for holding your breath and just letting him climb :)

K said...

what a breathtaking marvelous child
LOVE his smile

SoCo mom said...

That smile is precious, but that look with one eye from beneath the play structure's wall is priceless. I laughed when I saw it. I know it well!!!

Lisa said...

He is gorgeous!
I love that peek-a-boo shot, so sweet these photos.


Jewelz said...

The absolute joys of being a mother! Little steps means so much more! Breaths are held just that little bit longer! I don't think it matters HOW old they actually are...if they are your children, stepping out on any new venture is nerve wracking and exciting.
Thanks so much for sharing


Michelle Pixie said...

Oh Man He Is Cute!!! It is so fun to watch them start to find the independence and the joy they get from it. :)

A Lady Called Amy said...

It's a little bit scary to watch them climb, but when they accomplish it the joy you see in their faces, and what you feel in your heart makes it all worth it!

He's got a great smile!

CarrieJ said...

The pictures give me the willies!! I have had to sit and hold my breathe, but it is SO HARD! Good job mom, and GREAT SHOTS!

Anonymous said...

Awwww! What fun! He's a cutie! Oh, holding my breath with you on that first one! He looks so little to be climbing that ladder, but he did it!!!!

Rachel said...

What a brave little guy - and a brave mom! I can barely stand it when my kiddo starts climbing higher than i can handle!

Sweet pictures!