Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This is what I feel like doing a lot of the time...I can't ever decide what to eat! Photobucket

If I had lots of money, I'd hire a personal chef to cook or prepare food for me and my family. I sometimes have good ideas and cook but I'm not a great cook, barely good. I eat out a lot, or I have done it a lot lately. My toddler seems to love soup so we've gone to a couple restaurants over and over because they make really good baked potato soup (and new england clam chowder.) He will eat really well by himself when he eats those. Nevertheless, I tend to eat better when my hubby is home when we plan and eat together. My preschooler eats lunch at his school (even though he goes half a day) so it's just the toddler and I. Food always seems to taste better when someone else cooks it!

I used to love coming home from school and smelling the kitchen right after my mom cooked something (maybe that's why I love the arouma of onions and green peppers together even though I don't like to eat them.) I got got another cookbook so I need to cook more!!


K said...

oh my your kiddos' pictures are priceless!!
cho chweet he is
I hear you on the cooking

Lisa said...

Robin what a very cute picture!

I love to cook.... I just struggle to come up with new creations.

Thanks for stopping by,