Saturday, October 03, 2009

We went to a local petting zoo yesterday. A mommy group planned the outing for this place in the morning (while my preschooler was at school.) My toddler and I checked it out and had a great time. There was a playground there, ponies to ride, a huge sandpile with lots of digging toys, and a petting zoo. It seemed like heaven to little kids!

We planned on returning later with my preschooler after he got out of school and after the toddler napped. We did a few errands and at some point, they were both asleep in the back seat in their car seats. When my preschooler woke up (he had fallen asleep for about 10 minutes), he said, "I took a little nap. That baby music is powerful." LOL! I had forgotten that our CD was playing in the car. We have several CDs with kid songs and music and I had put in a new baby einstein one earlier and it had some lullabies on it.

We did make it back to the petting zoo. When we returned, the animals hadn't eaten in a while and were quite hungry. There were many animals wanting some of the food that is in the tiny cup you get to feed them. What that means is that the animals swarmed us when we entered the area. It was my preschooler's first time there and it was quite scary for him. At some point, I wanted to take a picture of him in there. For a moment, he tried to give me a smile...but made sure he kept his eye on that big scary hungry goat right next to him!



K said...

OMG that is a priceless picture

Anonymous said...

..."that baby music is powerful"..
LOL!!! That's great. We have Baby Einstein music playing often around here, too. The picture is great! Fun post. =)