Saturday, March 27, 2010

My movie circle of friends -

I love going to movies! I always's something my mom and I did all the time when she was alive (especially on holidays) and I love being in a theater with all the huge sounds and darkness! When I'm down or needing a pick-me-up, going to the movies is the perfect cure-all! Being able to be someone else, somewhere else, or just pretend that for those couple of hours, you're in someone else's world is awesome. I generally go to the first showing of the day (it's less expensive and less crowded.)

Just recently, a couple of friends have expressed an interest of going to movies as well, especially chic-flicks! So....that's what we've been doing. I am the one who usually sets it all up and plans a movie around our tight busy schedules. These two friends and I are very different. One is in her seventies - a retired teacher and an extrovert who loves wearing loud colors and big colorful accessories. The other is an older mom who is more conservative in her dress and lifestyle - her life revolves around her kids who are in med-school and college. Each are so unique in their own way and are wonderful people! Even though we're very different, we have some things in common, like enjoying ourselves together and going to movies as we have the same taste in what we want to watch. Yesterday, we went to see The Bounty Hunter, another love story with a twist, just our style!


K- floortime lite mama said...

that is awesome !!! Its very important isnt it to watch movies with some like minded people - I was quite intrigued by the title though ( becasue of the missing "r"

robin said...

so funny....i'm gonna change it from 'fiends' to friends, lol!!!

Lisa said...

Oh Robin if I lived closer I would join you in your movie fiestas....I love going to the movies, I love the popcorn, the soda pop, and getting lost for a couple of hours!


JAMR72 said...

There's something special about going to the movies. I haven't been to a theatre in a while, though. Glad you have a group of friends who enjoy the movies like you do!