Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trying to clean...

I've been trying to clean up my kid's room. They have way too many toys from their siblings, nephew, birthdays, garage sales, rewards...the list goes on and on. These toys seem to accumulate and I think they reproduce each night because every day, there seems to be more and more toys. I have been trying to organize their room and make it more accessible to play (and I'll take and hide some toys in the attic until later to make more room as well.) Each time I go in there to clean, miraculously, they each need to follow me and see what I've uncovewred even though they were completely happy doing something else in another room. So, consequently, the room has not been cleaned even though it's been a work in progress for many days, lol! Last night, I saw that my toddler was interested in what I was doing, so I quietly left and let him play (instead of cleaning in there.) I came back in there 30 minutes later (he was just too quiet for such a long time) and saw this cute scene. The picture doesn't actually show all the cars he had arranged. I was impressed that all his vehicles were in lines and all faced forward! It's a new day...and I'm starting over...we'll see if the room gets done today.