Wednesday, June 30, 2010

At the beach...

We went to a beach about an hour from my SILs house when we dogsat that week. It was a beach on a bay so the water was not deep and extended a long long time before finally getting deeper. It was perfect for my kiddos who aren't comfortable in the water. At first, my hubby took them in the water. They looked like this for about five minutes...shirtless.

But, of course, we have light skin and burn easily so I dressed them back up. Yes, we were the only ones with a toddler in long pants and long shirts, lol! But, as long as he didn't burn, I was ok with that!

My preschooler really enjoyed himself too in the water.

My hubby and I looked like this practically the whole time...laying on our stomachs in the water on kid level watching them play and blow bubbles in the saltwater. The water was nice and warm...perfect! I didn't realize until later that even though I was lathered in sunscreen, I had forgotten the back of my calves (which were exposed unfortunately while I was doing all of my soldier crawling.) But they were ok after a day or so. I had been to that beach before a few years earlier and had forgotten how much fun it had been...I'd can't wait to go again next summer.


Lisa said...

I love the beach!
Great images and how much fun did you have!!

K- floortime lite mama said...

they are sooo very cute
love the pix