Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

We have always given something to our kiddos but as parents, didn't really celebrate this holiday. Occasionally, we exchange cards or go out to eat together. This year, as I watched the kiddos as he slept in, I signed a card and prepared for him a huge bag (that took at least two enormous bags) of hersheys with almonds kisses (which he loves.) Since the kiddos like getting up before the crack of dawn, I was a little sleepy so after he got up, I laid back down for a while. When I got back up after a nice LONG nap, I woke up to this. The last sentence reads: "We love you and show this with the small token of fresh picked flowers." Wouldn't it be nice if everyone in the world had at least one person who loved them! I am blessed with many.



K said...

happy valentines sweetheart
what a lovely note and picture
I love Hershey Almond kisses too

JAMR72 said...

That's beautiful!

Lisa said...

How sweet!

Hershey Almond kisses?
Hmmm is that American?
Me and chocolate are like this...(my fingers are crossed.)
I may just have to search for those.