Saturday, February 13, 2010

My second pedicure.

I got a pedicure a couple of years ago. I always wondered what one felt like and, since I was 9 months pregnant at the time and thought it would be a was. Fast forward a couple years and, after a long stress-filled week with kids with way too much energy, I wanted to escape for a little while. And I did.

I went back to the same place I previously went. I let them know what I wanted and picked out the color of nail polish I wanted. I then causally mentioned that I hadn't been there in two years. The lady said she would let my feet soak longer then (and so my feet sat in a warm footspa with little jets moving the water around.) I wondered how often other people had pedicures done. I definitely didn't mind and was excited that I would be able to finish my book that I started this week.

At some point, while my feet were enjoying so much attention, the lady asked if I wanted a foot massage. I nodded and said yes. What I wanted to say was....YES!!! She was professional, efficient, and my feet were feeling wonderful! Because it was cold and raining outside, I sat a little longer after my nails dried while watching the end of a program on the tv (because I had just finished my book.) It was nice knowing I could just sit and not worry about rushing home (my hubby was watching the kiddos and nothing was planned for the rest of the day.) It was $29 well spent.



Lisa said...

What a well deserved treat for yourself!

You have nice feet....I on the other hand...well ummm let's just say not to nice at all!
My toes cross eachother ummm yep born like that, was supposed to wear these orthotics when I was younger but they got in the way of the running I did. Now let's just say maybe I should of skipped all the running!

Hugs I'm glad you treated yourself!

JAMR72 said...

I am so glad you treated yourself! Red is the best color, too, and looks great on your toes! I love pedicures, and haven't had one in way too long. Thanks for the reminder that we all need to take time to pamper ourselves, and our feet.

Rachel said...

Beautiful toesies!

I'm one of those ticklish chicks, so it's hard to relax - and I usually end up providing entertainment for everyone :)

Glad you got some time away to recharge!

K said...

you have very cute feet - love the color - did your Dh notice?

robin said...

LOL! Yep, after all, I to show something for all the time I was away.