Friday, August 24, 2007

My good deed for the day....was to assist a man who ran out of gas. Normally, I wouldn't pick up someone walking, I have a toddler and family to think of first, and nowadays, anything could happen. But on my street today, I saw a man walking with a gas can. I didn't think much about it. Later, I was leaving and saw a van a few houses down with it's door open. I put two and two together and figured the man ran out of gas and left his family in the van while he walked to the store (a few street away.) Since I was going that way anyway, I drove until I saw the man still walking. I asked if he were from the van and he said yes. I offered him a ride to get his gas, and then back to his family. I love that warm feeling you have when you do something nice for someone else. I want to teach that to my give to others, share, volunteer and be interested in someone other than themselves.

Monday, August 20, 2007

My younger brother bought a horse! It's amazing how much he enjoys caring for it. As a bonus, my younger daughter spends lots of time brushing, talking to and feeding it. It is staying at a neighbor's pasture which is really convenient. It's a beautiful horse; it used to be a racing horse, but has weak feet and needs a lot of TLC right now. It's great that they both have found an outlet...something to do that is positive, involves caring for something/somebody else, and allows them to bond.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ouch!!! At lunch today, at a local Mexican restaurant, I was eating fajitas and burned my fingertip on that hot plate they come on. OMG!!! I've had it on ice now for about 3 hours and it still HURTS!!! I feel like such a wimp. I realize there are lot more nerve endings in fingertips than other places... I really can't imagine what a burn victim might feel when he or she is actually burned. My tiny little insignificant burn is such a pain.