Thursday, January 27, 2011


An aquaintance came over this week. My neighbor's kid grew up, got attached to a girl and they had a baby. They came over to show me how much their baby has grown (and of course, how cute it is.) During the conversation, not sure exactly how we got there, the girl (ok, she's really in her mid 20's) mentioned how she used to take off her dad's boots every night. I suddenly remembered having done the same thing with my own dad. I don't remember how it got started but as an adult now, I'm sure he was tired at night after having worked all day and wanted assistance getting them off, lol! He wore those lace up boots that you eventually wrap the laces around the top and then tie. I loved unhooking the things and loosening them up before pulling them off. He would shower me with thanks and compliments. My dad was an older dad and was almost 55 when I was born.

It's interesting that I married a guy who ends up wearing the same kind of boots too. He wears them at work (the same kind but with steel toes) and always wears them at home to work in the yard (and when we got camping, stuff like that.) It's figures that my kids do the same thing...wear boots. This morning, as we took the kindergartener to school, my toddler, in his one piece pajamas, was looking for his own yellow rubber boots to put on in order to go outside to get in the truck.

Monday, January 24, 2011


We had a social weekend, that's for sure, and it was great! On Friday, we were invited to a friend's house (a couple) for dinner and to hang out. We watched their DVR'd episodes of Wipeout and laughed for a long time! My hubby made spaghetti sauce for half the day and we had salad, garlic bread and spaghetti. Loved the food and company.

So, as long as I was going to have to cook on Saturday, I invited a friend (separated mom) over for dinner. We had this sausage/potato meal. I don't really think she liked it (I lost track of time so I didn't really have anything else to eat/cook.) I asked if she played Spades (card game.) She had on the computer before and I was rusty so we all relearned together. It was a lot of fun and by the time the game ended, I looked up and six hours had passed! I also was worth it!

And then last night, we invited those friends over from the other night and they brought their adult daughter (and two grandkids over with them.) Hubby cooked navy beans/ham, rice and pork ribs (grill.) They brought cornbread, corn cobs and tea. It was fun watching the kids play and enjoy adult conversation!

After they left, my kindergartener said that he had a good time part of the time but that he didn't because the girl (almost four year old) started to slap him. He didn't want to tell me in front of them and said that he asked her to stop please (and then started to cry.) He had never encountered that before and wasn't sure of his options. So, while I held him as he cried (he was also tired), I discussed what he could do if it ever happened again so that I could tell her to stop and make it all better. I told him that some kids learn bad things and others don't know how to play with other kids so it's important to tell me when it happens so I could fix it then. I think what happened is that the girl was swinging a belt and it hit him in the forehead but I'm not sure. I'll definitely be checking in more often next time. I also suggested he come out, grab my arm and pull me to the hall or less populated area to tell me if he felt uncomfortable in front of someone else (or didn't want to get her in trouble.) Poor thing...considerate, caring, and even using please to ask her to stop but at the same time unaware of what he needed to do in a situation like that. It was a great learning experience though. I'm glad he told me.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


We went to a meeting today, or rather, we brought our toddler to an interview. He will be three in a few months and next year, we wanted to put him in a 3 year old program that his brother attended (and still attends as a kindergartener.) They have a 3 and a 5 day program (I just want the 3 day one because I don't want to 'let go' yet...and it's only half a day.) I guess he did ok...I don't know but I'm sure he did.

While waiting with the other parents, I spoke to one mom. At one point, my hubby mentioned that he works offshore and that he is home for 14 days and then gone for 14 days. This was in response to being able to volunteer at the school with our kindergartener. Of course, we joke that appliances decide to break or we get sick while he's at work. Then, the mom mentioned that her husband own a place and works from 5am until 10pm 7 days a week (he was a strength trainer or something like that in a gym, I think.) I felt really sad to think that, while he is a good provider for his family, he isn't there as life passes him by missing the little things that make life good. I wanted to just give her a hug but seeing as she was a complete stranger, lol, I decided to nod, smile (as my southern hospitality manners came out) and say something positive.

I love my husband and his work schedule. Even though we miss a lot while he's gone, we love the time with him when he's home. It's been this way for a really long time (since before we were married) and I still enjoy it. He's gone long enough to miss him and not home long enough to get sick of him...perfect!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Daughter Week

I've had a Good Daughter Week, lol! Both my daughters are special to me and each have their own unique qualities. This has been a pretty good week.

A couple days ago, my house looked like a tornado hit it! Toys everywhere!! Clothes in piles unfolded in the hall, dishes in the sink, counters cluttered, I could go on and on. Instead of cleaning after the kids went to bed, I just watched tv. I figured I'd get around to it the next morning. When morning arrived, I woke up to everything clean!!!!!!!!! In the night, my youngest daughter had worked hard in making it all fresh and clean. It was SO nice to wake up and not have to worry/do anything! As she's getting older, she is becoming nicer and maturing. Here's a recent pic of her that I took. Even though she hates close-ups, when she saw her wind in her hair, she liked this one.


Today, as I was driving out to meet a friend for lunch (with my toddler), my older daughter called and wanted to know what I was doing. She had just gotten off of work and her boyfriend was bringing her to their house. Instead, we met at a gas station and I took her along with me to lunch. We all had a great conversation and on the way home, I mentioned how happy she seems (even though she has some stressful situations in the future relating to some poor decisions/court/etc.) She said that she is only focusing on today and that she appreciates life and family more. She mentioned that when she goes to meetings (referring to AA), she says that she relays the story about when wasn't able to come over after we had her little brother. She says she tells them that we (she used my husband in the story) told her that our children are very important to us and due to her behavior, we can't have her around them. She actually used some better wording but that's the point. We cut her off for months when she was using really heavily before she got sober. She says she was really pissed at the time but it really meant a lot. I love that she is in a better place in life. This picture was taken on Christmas at her boyfriend's house (she is showing off her presents like the jacket, hat and her all her bling!)


I'm just stopping to pause. I had a great week with my adult kiddos.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Grocery shopping... something I look forward to doing each week. I usually go to a huge super grocery store and get what I need and then leisurely shop as I get different ingredients for meals or just look at DVDs/books. While I prefer to go alone, I usually end up with the kiddos and I make it fun by giving them certain things to find (which keeps them occupied.) And when I take them, I (and they) need to be in a happy mood, not tired, grumpy, or hungry.

But last week, I needed to go get a few things and although I knew we were all tired, I was hoping it would be painless. I was wrong, lol! I went to a small store this time. Because it was shortly after the Christmas holidays, and the afternoon of a school day, my kindergartener was really tired. It seemed the more I tried to hurry, the longer the trip seemed. And a couple of times, my usually happy kiddo started to whine...ugh!

We finally get to the check-out. And as I begin to take out my groceries, my kindergartener starts to cry. He very rarely will cry. Apparently, I had told him that we'd go check out something he wanted and I had forgotten. I didn't want to leave to go find (whatever it was) and yet was unsure exactly what he was talking about. Each time I asked him why he was crying, he'd say, "I wanted...(unintelligable)" Luckily, after the third or fourth time, an employee walks up and asks if we needed anything. And before I could think, I said "Yes, Can you go get him whatever he wants!" I kept an eye and saw that it was a pack of kool-aid drinks close by but had no idea since I couldn't understand what he was saying. The nice employee brought it to me. The bagger who put our stuff in bags asked if we needed any help to the car and I said, sure!

You'd think that was it...but then, as we were walking out, my toddler dropped his pink now-and-later square of candy. I didn't see that he dropped it. He kept pointing and crying. Since the only thing he had was that candy, I knew what happened. Of course, it was then that someone I didn't know recognized me and started talking to me. I had no idea who the lady was but pretended I knew her and gave her a light hug. I figure that it was a mother or grandmother of a client I used to work with (juvenile parolee.) I said I was glad to see her and pointed to my crying kid and said, smilingly, that I needed to go. As I walked to the car, I looked at the guy accompanying us who made a sound (as in that he couldn't believe the kid was crying!) and I said, Yeah, Birth Control (as in be careful or you'll be in this position too!) I asked my kindergartener to check his pack of candy for another pink one....YES! I gave it to my crying toddler as I put him in his car seat and he was happy.

I tend to get really anxious in situations like this. Looking back, it wasn't a big deal. But in the moment, I wanted to curse for making the decision to go in the first place, lol! By the time all the groceries were in the trunk and we were ready to go home, all was well...

Monday, January 03, 2011

MILs 88th birthday

It seems that in the past several years, we seem to be out of town on her birthday (which was yesterday, January 2nd.) We made sure we made it back into town in order to celebrate it this year. I bought a cake with lots of colors that I knew she'd like. And just in case she forgot what was happening during our little celebration, I had the lady in the bakery write on the top, "Josephine is 88"

We arrived during her dinner and sat and talked with her for a while. I showed her the cake and we all sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She didn't want to wait until she was finished to taste the cake.

And since she doesn't really need anything...or remember that she needs anything, I gave her a manicure as a present. Her nails had been growing out of control and it seemed to be a gift of love.

I took many pictures of her while I was there. I had got a new camera for Christmas by my SIL and was trying it out. So many pictures seemed to show too much (that her nose was running a little that I didn't notice while there or that she had spaghetti sauce on her lips) so I appreciated that the best picture of her smiling was this one. It is the one where I said to smile and show off your hands (that I had just applied clear fingernail polish on.)

I talked to her and reminded her that she was 88, had been born in 1923, and that it was her birthday. I can't stand what Alzheimers does to a person. At one point, I said that I had been in her life almost 30 years and she was just like my mom. She seemed to hear and smiled and said, thank you. I don't know if she understood...but I'd like to think that she did.