Thursday, April 03, 2014

Our Colorado Trip

My friend moved last year and we miss them. My kiddos played with her kiddos all the time and they got along really well. We found a great deal on Frontier Airlines from a nearby town to Denver for under $100 each roundtrip (just love great sales!) So the boys and I took a trip while hubby was at work and visited them.

It was so nice being able to hang out and enjoy my friend T.
 photo 0181fc06703c3484fe194362417e4e66ba70923954_zps37654fee.jpg

And her family were so very hospitable and cooked breakfast and kept us entertained the whole time. I loved seeing movies in their basement theatre room (we don't have basements in the area where I live.) While her youngest kiddo was at daycare, they took us tubing down the slope one day in Winter Park.
 photo 01d250f20ff79987de69cc6d6a7d6df1d14a3b1e84_zps0874270f.jpg

My third grader (who looked Amish with his blue shirt and black suspender looking snowpants.) Luckily, I am a hoarder (on really small level) and saved it from my daughter when we went snow skiing 19 years ago.
 photo P1110534_zps0adb8955.jpg
 photo P1110521_zps741f6732.jpg

We also went bowling and we had a great time! There was a expert bowler next to us and my kiddo watched him intently.
 photo P1110519_zpsfa120cc6.jpg photo P1110518_zpsd917e644.jpg

There were SO many parks around the area where they lived! This one was really cool!
 photo P1110494_zpsad6264de.jpg

We loved that it actually snowed one day while we were there! The kiddos made snow angels, made a snowman (and a 'snow fort' which ended up only being the first block toward it...the snow froze your hands and my kids weren't used to playing in snow.)
 photo 0131d809f1e54207a0b87254ba48b0f1f0d569dbd6_zps816ee9e9.jpg

We also went to the Denver Zoo. It was an absolutely great day to go and the weather was awesome!
 photo P1110462_zpse841f125.jpg And they had great play areas there.
 photo P1110479_zps245f519e.jpg
 photo P1110491_zpsc3b118fa.jpg

Christmas trees growing everywhere! I loved seeing them!!
 photo IMG_0029_zps9f9aafdb.jpg

Oh, and geese...everywhere! It was so interesting seeing them (we don't ever see them land near us since we live so far south.)
 photo IMG_0004_zpsfb5970a8.jpg

There were some theatres that had bars (alcohol) and restaurants (order food.) This chair was SOOO comfortable! My friend and I watched Divergent. She and I are movie buffs!
 photo IMG_0008_zps8eb03de6.jpg

And finally, a picture my friend took of her oldest son and my youngest son. I love this picture. We had a very nice experience hanging out with them and good friends are great blessings. Made me realize how much I appreciate my bffs. I will need to check out a way to visit my friend J in the near future as well.

 photo 01d976f6f310108c0faecc6a45356fe0a07f538714_zps05c46325.jpg