Sunday, September 13, 2015

Reading at night...

I've returned to reading again. Usually I read while I'm visiting my SIL when everyone else naps. But now, I'm reading more at home. I am in the middle of a pretty good book on my Kindle. Also, I'm on CD 17 out of 19 of a book in my car (that I listen to while driving back and forth the long journey each day to radiation.) That's not all, I'm also reading a book to my kiddos at night as well. We're 37% through it right now, lol! It's amazing how they listen so much better to a book and it's details rather than everyday requests and commands I make to them. I used to read to my kiddos a lot especially in the summers but I've gotten out of the habit. I want to continue it...and make it a nightly thing for years to come...that'd be a wonderful plan.

A couple nights ago, my youngest was looking for something to do and I wasn't allowing him to play on his electronics (he had gotten a warning for something or other at school and that's a consequence of mine that I give him.) I told him to read a book. So he picked one out and came in my bedroom where I was laying down resting and started reading out loud. It was a Dr. Seuss book and I peered over and listened to him read. Hearing his little voice so intrigued in the story was the highlight of my day. I'm grateful today for life and it's blessings.

 photo 2f0363bb-d182-4f35-93a5-04787061310b_zpsskhxeadg.jpg

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A half a year later...

It's amazing how my life has changed in the last six months! From suspecting cancer before Christmas to almost the end of chemo next week. I've finished Taxol and have one more A/C (Adriamycin Cytoxan) infusion. It's been a long lonely journey. I can't wait to be able to go to movies again and I've missed not going to the school when my kids have something going on. I miss my stamina and can't wait to be able to walk for more than 10 minutes without having to stop and rest. I can't wait for the neuropathy on my fingers and feet to go away because I miss being able to pick things up or open stuff. I miss my fingernails and toenails and how they used to look. While my fingernails aren't too bad, my toenails are dark/black and the nails have started coming up. I miss my old life...

This is a pic of one hand a couple of months ago (I have trouble pushing the button and holding the phone at the same time so I haven't taken recent pics of them.) In fact, I find that the buttons on the remotes of the tv and car keys are the most painful things during the day.
 photo 37e86c75-3ae5-4aa4-8f05-b97b7570fefb_zps6njcvsfb.jpg

ok....enough whining...

In other news, my granddaughter has healed well from her first hand/feet surgery and will be having another one next week. She has three fingers and a thumb now...and will soon have a fourth finger on each hand! My daughter will walk to my house a few times during the week and then borrow my bike with the kid seat on it and then go bike riding. I love seeing them, especially Olivia.
 photo 42eb846e-3130-4f2a-9b9a-a858bf9878a9_zpsc8xsxmee.jpg

And my boys have gone to spend some time at the farm with my SIL. School is out and they're having fun and it's good to get away from home sometimes. A couple weeks ago, we visited a friend who had this awesome magnolia tree in their yard so I took a pic of them. Yeah....I'm missing them!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cancer....and stuff

New vocabulary:

hormone receptors
chemo port

I have breast cancer and it's spread but not everywhere. I am currently doing chemo for 24 weeks, then surgery, then 6 weeks radiation, then 10 years taking tamoxifen. I want this stuff gone and am doing all I can do help it leave peacefully!

Early in my diagnosis, I was driving the kids to school and had to stop for a moment to get my tears in order. My fourth grader said, "Mom, lots of people have cancer."

Yes, that gave me perspective again.

And recently, he said, "Mom, I'm glad you're alive." ...ok. I am too...and will continue to do what I need to do to be cancer free again. He seems happier when I wear my wig (since my hair fell out) especially if we'll be out of the house and I don't blame him. I'm just a month into my treatments. It's tough being a kid and even tougher having a mom with cancer.

I may not be doing many posts but now know why.