Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I live in Texas. The state flower is the bluebonnet (which usually only blooms about now.) They're not easy to grow but if you plant them, they'll usually come back every year. In certain parts of TX, they're all over. Where I live, they're only on the sides of some highways (thanks to the highway department for planting them.) Of course, the 'thing' to do is to stop and take a picture with them. I don't know why. It's somethings I (and many other people) do. So, on the way back from a trip a couple of weeks ago, we stopped and took a couple pics. Only one decent one came out, lol! I love the color of the bluebonnets!


I saw a picture on my brother's facebook page with this lovely picture of bluebonnets and grabbed it to share as well.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


My hubby had a conference out of town and since it was spring break, the family went too! My younger daughter followed us in her vehicle because she wasn't going to stay as long as we were. We stayed about two and a half days. While there, we celebrated her 21st birthday. We had a really enjoyable experience overall. I took lots of pictures too. This is my favorite. We were walking to a market/restaurant and she was carrying my youngest across the street and then just continued carrying him.


Monday, March 12, 2012

It's been raining...

...a lot! The ground is slushy!!! The water has nowhere to go and I've forgotten what this feels like. Last year at this time, there was draught. My kiddos have been in heaven! They go out and play in the mud, the holes and slide/jump in water everywhere! I've quit stressin' about it and let them have their fun. As they come in, they take off the muddy clothes and then run to the tub. It'll happen a couple more times a day at the least. Yesterday afternoon, my yard looked like this.

And just now, I snapped a picture of the 'mud monster' as he was trying to break in! Notice the huge pile of clothes that have accumulated over the day (or two, lol!) I've gotten some Fizzy Tub Colors that I drop in the water as they bathe making it even more fun. It reminds me of coloring easter eggs as the water turns colors!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Moving up to the front of the line...

Someone started chatting with me on facebook last night and let me know that my former neighbor, MeeMaw, was in a hospice. My neighbor had lived near me for decades...until last year when she moved in with her with of her kids and their family. She's in her late sixties and is currently 'eaten up with cancer.' I immediately went up to see her today and brought flowers. My mother used to always say to bring her flowers while she was alive to enjoy them, not when she's dead (usually in a conversation about someone's funeral.) Of course, I brought my mom lots of flowers (daisies) while she was alive and when she died, I didn't. ...I made sure I brought pretty happy flowers to my neighbor. I told her that I knew she liked narcissis (because we always brought her handfuls from our backyard when she lived next door) but since they weren't in season, I got different ones. She was unrecognizable. Emaciated. Weak. It's only a matter of time. I really like her and still miss her being next door. :(

On the way out, her son talked with us and I had a couple of questions that I didn't want to ask while I was in her room. The plan is to make her as comfortable as possible, possibly let her return to her daughter's die. Her son joked with us (we love using humor in uncomfortable situations) about how many other people he has seen that he knows in this hospice and how many pass away each day. As we are getting older, and so many people are passing away, he joked that we were moving up to the front of the line, so to speak.

My neighbor quit smoking five years ago (after several decades of smoking) and started walking. How unfair that she (and everyone who has cancer) don't have cures yet and that technology hasn't yet caught up with all the cancers of the world.

In addition, a very good aquaintance died this week as well (I didn't actually think of the consequences of joining the Red Hat Ladies that they would actually pass away.) Evelyn was 88 (but didn't look that old at all!)

Of course, I'm thinking of how precious life is and how much I need to savor each day.

My MIL and SIL (a cancer survivor)
Two women I've admired throughout the years.