Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Let's think." That's what my toddler now says when he wants to lay down with me and listen to me tell stories to him. He has been requesting to do this several times daily and we imagine that we're dinosaurs hiding in caves, lady bugs eating grass, large construction vehicle operators, passengers in airplanes....the adventures are endless. I really look forward to see his enjoyment and the fascination in his expression as we imagine these scenarios, and use our senses to make it more interesting. He now adds to the stories and it's precious to hear him become creative and imaginative.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

State Capitals! Hm.... When I was in the fifth grade, I had to learn all the state capitals and the states. I didn't try very hard and when I made a 30 something on my test, I had to take my test home and get my parent's signature. The next day was another scheduled test, and on that time, spelling would be counted. Needless to say, after my disappointed mother signed my test, she studied with me all afternoon and evening. The next day, I made a 97 on my spelling/capital test. I have always remembered that feeling when I passed, after having tried that night, and it has helped me in building character.

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So, when my nephew wanted something to do to make money, I had a suggestion. I'd give him 50 cents for each correct capital. A few months went by...when he asked again last week, I again suggested learning the capitals. This time, he took me up on it. After 5 days, he made a perfect score! Great job, Cody!

....The Presidents are next. :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Our daylily garden is blooming! Lots of beds of plants are in our yard, including daylilies, wildflowers and many butterfly attracting plants.

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My toddler knows how to pull weeds as well. He reaches down and yanks up certain weeds as if it were second nature. Now, if he'd stay in one place and continue so that he'd finish a whole bed, we'd be happy campers! But, he doesn't stay in one place long, and he and his tonka truck stroll around the yard looking for things to get into. Today's treasure was a toad, well cared for and held for half an hour, until he had to let it go.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Baby kittens!!! There are four little kittens under our house. The mother cat just showed up in the neighborhood some months ago and the house across the street feeds everything, including her. We have a cat, but he's fixed, and I know he didn't father them! They are so cute and tiny!!! Aaaawwwww, the soft, furry, precious feet and kitten ears!!!Being that they're under the house though, we feel obligated to find good homes for them. But, until then.....

Today, the little black one got a ride in the back of a tonka truck!! Another was carried gently for a half hour, and they look so cute attached to the shirt of my toddler!!

It's the little things that make my days so much better lately.

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