Saturday, March 27, 2010

My movie circle of friends -

I love going to movies! I always's something my mom and I did all the time when she was alive (especially on holidays) and I love being in a theater with all the huge sounds and darkness! When I'm down or needing a pick-me-up, going to the movies is the perfect cure-all! Being able to be someone else, somewhere else, or just pretend that for those couple of hours, you're in someone else's world is awesome. I generally go to the first showing of the day (it's less expensive and less crowded.)

Just recently, a couple of friends have expressed an interest of going to movies as well, especially chic-flicks! So....that's what we've been doing. I am the one who usually sets it all up and plans a movie around our tight busy schedules. These two friends and I are very different. One is in her seventies - a retired teacher and an extrovert who loves wearing loud colors and big colorful accessories. The other is an older mom who is more conservative in her dress and lifestyle - her life revolves around her kids who are in med-school and college. Each are so unique in their own way and are wonderful people! Even though we're very different, we have some things in common, like enjoying ourselves together and going to movies as we have the same taste in what we want to watch. Yesterday, we went to see The Bounty Hunter, another love story with a twist, just our style!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I hate being sick!

I'm not too sick, just a little, but it's so irritating! I have a sinus infection that came up very quickly! I had a really difficult time getting up the other day but I had to. I had planned an outing with my neighbor and all our kids to go to a really cool park (with picnic.) After laying in bed while my kiddos rearranged my house for a couple hours, I took a really warm shower and loaded up on OTC meds to get me through the morning. I made it through and then took a really long nap. I normally never take naps unless I'm sick or very tired!!!

The next day though, I went in to the doctor as it seemed to get worse, not better. I've had so many throughout the years that I knew to just go ahead and bite the bullet rather than spend the next couple of weeks under the weather and unable to function. Especially since I was alone (hubby at work for the next couple of weeks.) It seems to always be that way. The last time I spoke to him, it seems hat he has the same issue happening at work with his sinuses so it's kinda of good we're not sick together at home.

I was able to send my daughter to the store to get my most favorite thing to eat when I'm sick....chocolate pudding that you cook (that cools in the fridge with the layering on top!) I always feel better when I eat that!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Getting haircuts...

Last week, my toddler has his first haircut. I had been putting off getting it done because his hair was full of curls but it was starting to get in his eyes. Both he and his dad went to get their hair cut at the same time. It was from a place my hubby has been going for years and where my preschooler gets his hair cut as well. Now, they'll all be going there. Just a guy thing...

Toddler is not sure what to think.

Toddler and Dad.

All done!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

So close to summer....

Even though so much of the US still has snow, where I live, it's getting hot! The a/c has been on inside for the last week and it was 79 degrees today. Unfortunately, I realized my car's a/c didn't work so I'm taking it in tomorrow to get fixed!! I'm already seeing mosquitos, the anthills are everywhere (and biting my toddler) and you can see signs everywhere that summer is close by!

Flowers are blooming in our yard.


My preschooler can't wait to go swimming...


(it was really cold, but he stayed in for a while.)


And of course, yummy ice cream!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TX Rodeo, preschool style!

I don't remember having a whole lot of fun in school. Even in elementary, I didn't have a lot of fun, didn't feel like I fit in or enjoyed it. It was something I had to do because there was no other choice. I want to make sure my kiddos have a different experience. I am in the same city and the same school district I grew up in so I am choosing to put my kiddos in private school (for as long as I can afford it.) So far, I'm having a great time enjoying his experiences!

Last week, after studying about TX and all things western, my preschooler's class had a rodeo and chili cookoff! Actually, they made stick horses and had horse races and then we all ate chili in the classroom. It was a great build-up and all the kids had a great time. They wore their western wear and looked so cute!

Doing a circle dance... (mine is wearing the duster)

A view from the back. who know that that Halloween costume I got last October would come in handy. He loves to dress up and my great shopping skills came in handy, lol!


The parents were invited to also do a circle dance with the kiddos. I stayed off to the side to take a pic and my hubby (and toddler on back) joined in.


He named his stickhorse "Megatron."


Pic of us.


My preschooler and his best buddy.