Friday, June 14, 2013

Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed. I have started and stopped a blog post many times and figured I'd wait for a much more positive post. Last weekend, we went to my SILs and had a relaxing weekend and swam in their new pool. It's a nice pool for swimming laps (not huge or deep but yet enough room to swim laps) and there's also a hot top (with bubbles that my kids love!) It's cool that you can see cows in the farm behind it, lol! My youngest is shooting a web with his hand (as he has been Spiderman lately!) My kiddos have been in swimming lessons a week before we arrived here and they practiced what they learned. My oldest showed me how he was learning the backstroke and my youngest began swimming underwater and putting his face in the water! Score!!!!!! I was incredibly happy!

 photo d5b6b4c7-849c-4838-ba08-430a71ab0b55_zpsccdfd7d0.jpg

 photo 6b067580-51fd-48eb-beda-9290b7f9fef7_zps9e3c710e.jpg

We always have a great time there even if we do nothing. The guys worked on projects, cutting grass and burning the large piles of limbs. Now, my youngest is a huge help as he's getting older. My older son loved cutting grass on the huge ztr. He taught my SIL how to start it and mow as she has never cut grass before and he's got a few years experience (he started enjoying being on a mower as young as 5 months old when he was in a baby backpack on his dad's back while his dad mowed.)

 photo 0a3e575f-19e9-4732-b342-d2a3bb81b8c4_zpsa4917653.jpg

 photo a2b74c89-3fac-4c09-b4a5-ee187545caeb_zps5009ef30.jpg

In a couple of the evenings, a couple storms moved through and it made beautiful clouds/skies. At one point, I was sitting on the patio and noticed the color of the sky behind my hubby. I said 'freeze' to him and took a quick picture. I guess I should have said 'smile' but when I look at it, I see that it's the end of a day of an honest hard day's work that he did that makes him very happy. This is a face of pure contentment. He loves working there! As do my kiddos! :)

 photo d65b12e2-ca6a-4601-8609-f033f97c2d40_zpsc40dd062.jpg

I tried to find a recent pic of me....since I'm the one usually taking the pics, there aren't many. Here's one of me and my granddaughter (since I took the pic with my free hand, she didn't know where to look and didn't smile.) She's getting a cute 'lil personality now!

 photo f657d4c2-8d13-441e-b90f-9cc326c2a727_zps4989c752.jpg