Saturday, May 21, 2016

My tree outside the house.

When my parents first bought their land back in 1972, they moved their house to the property, cleaned off the fence lines, cleared the brush, brought in lots of sand and planted trees. They also had my brother and me plant trees that we chose as well. After they died, I bought the property from my brothers and moved onto it about 8 years ago. The best part about where I live are the trees.

I love trees. I have 'collected' a multitude of trees of all different kinds on one of my Pinterest boards. I love big trees and gnarly looking ones. I think they're peaceful looking and I love the green colors on the one in my driveway right now. A really good friend of mine said once that he saw trees as keepers of the land, the watchers and recordkeepers of the world gone past. And that the old and scary ones look as if they could harness the evil the world holds. I'd like to eventually go the Pacific Northwest and see all the awesome trees in that part of the country. I'm looking forward to the hope of climbing trees, listening to waterfalls and letting myself engulf the flavor of Mother Nature.

Outside my house, this is just a little bit of this tree.

 photo 50e15162-8403-41ac-8968-0bf2c7a19d92_zpsxydrtvh5.jpg

 photo 2ff8e1a9-cf17-4448-a7ff-f347627bd4c9_zpso6xu5dnu.jpg