Sunday, April 28, 2013


I was sick for a week or so recently. I have allergies and sometimes it all turns into a sinus infection. Much of the time, I can feel one coming on and start taking extra meds and keep it away. But it came on so quickly a couple weeks ago that I couldn't do anything but relax and let it take it's course. Luckily, my hubby was due to come home this time (usually he's at work for weeks when I get sick) so I was able to lay around and sleep. On a Thursday, I felt so badly that after I returned from picking up the kiddos from school, I just laid down and fell asleep. Well, I locked the doors and told the kids they couldn't go outside beforehand. I got up after an hour and fed them and then they played a while until bedtime. Hubby came home the next day and by Monday, I had almost returned to normal.

As I started feeling better, all I could think about was baked potato soup at a local restaurant. I thought about it in the morning and by dinner, I couldn't think of anything else so we went out to eat. After we eat there, we go out in the front of the building to a little waterfall and watch the water. The kids always look forward to that. Today, there were irises blooming and I took a pic before leaving. Irises used to be my favorite flower...until I changed and preferred gardenias. I still think they're beautiful.

 photo a36145dd-5cc1-481d-81e2-94cd386d5d82_zps6455e064.jpg

Last Monday, we celebrated my youngest's birthday...he is now 5! His birthday was actually a couple of weeks earlier but we wanted to wait until his dad was home to have a cake/party. He wanted to go get some Spiderman decorations and while at the party shop, he bought a 'Happy Birthday Hat.' He wore his hat all evening. It was a really great day. It's amazing how fast time flies. It seems like just yesterday that he was born and here he is - five years old!

 photo 0de1d533-b9f2-401f-bc61-f2dc4158a8e8_zps817b2c5e.jpg