Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What did I do today? It seems that at the end of the day, I usually think to myself and go over what I did that day, as well as prep myself for the following day. Today...I didn't do much. Here's a partial list:

Share some FrootLoops with my toddler
Sit outside and talk with my neighbor (and watch kids) for about an hour and a half
Grab takeout for lunch and mail a package to my brother
Take a nap
(Notice that dishes aren't on the list)
Return a couple phone calls
Have dinner at the local Cracker Barrel
Clean up fingernail polish from the carpet
Try not to let morning sickness overcome me
Watch the premier of Dirty Sexy Money
Try to stay awake during the news
Check email

Tomorrow's gotta be much more productive! I'd be totally embarassed if anybody actually showed up at my house. Where's that vacuum again?!?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Seventeen years ago today, my mother died. I miss her. I wonder what she'd look like now, what she'd think about me... I often think about what she sounded like...I miss the sound of her voice and the way she calmed me in times of stress. When I smell Chanel #5, I think of her, as it was her favorite scent.

She left the world too quickly, as her murder was quick and she was in no pain...Just as her murderer left the world when he was executed years later. I used to wonder why? I don't anymore as I'm sure there is a reason for everything.

There are some days when I really really miss her. I'd like to think that she knows she was a great mother...taught me to be independent, have good character, and be able to prioritize the things and people in my life. Not everyone has someone they miss so dearly, I am blessed to have had her for as little time as possible. She was a great influence in my life, and what she taught me still influences me. I'd like to live up to be as great a mom as she was.

I love you Mom.