Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Why do you like me?"

My preschooler and I often have this conversation:

Pr: " Mom......"

Mom: "What?"

Pr: " I like you."

Mom: " I like you too."

but then, he will at times, then ask,
Pr: "Why do you like me?"

At which time, I will find many things to say to him:
you're smart
you're a strong superhero
you help save the city
you're nice to your brother
you help clean up your room
you are a great tractor driver
you make have a great laugh
you shared your cookie with me..."

Sometimes I have to think quickly to come up with so many things...but he loves hearing whatever I say and you can see him smile and his head lift a little higher as I compliment him. I think about how great he feels afterwards and try to also do the same to my other children in some way, give at least one compliment a day. There were times (during their teen years) that it was difficult to come up with at least one...but nowadays, it's easy (and worth the time.)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

V.C. State Park

We went to a state park recently and had lots of fun playing! I love hiking and exploring places like that but with two little ones, we had lots of fun at the playground and playing in the sand instead. While at the office paying our fees, I was talked into buying a bag of large bugs at the gift store. Those bugs enjoyed playing with us as well. It was a really good day...we played for hours. Next time, we'll bring a lunch.

My toddler near the creek.

Opening the bug bag.



Did I mention that we played lots of Batman and Gotham City scenarios too?

And practically most of the time we were there, we were all alone. It was very quiet and we were able to play as loud as we wanted. Near dusk, it was very peaceful and we could hear the sounds of the forest and animals. Nice.....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Brother, little brother

We went to my SILs after last Christmas and the boys had a great time. I noticed that my preschooler was becoming a great big brother to my toddler.

We didn't allow our toddler out on the pier by himself. Here he was at the end of it (before I quickly got him off!)

When we did walk on the pier, my preschooler was protective of him and held on to him at times to make sure he didn't stray too close to the edge.

They loved playing in the water, even though it was really cold outside! They climbed down the dog ramp to get to the water.

Looking at rocks together!

Walking around...

And here's my preschooler in deeper water looking to make sure his brother didn't follow him.

"Find a quiet place inside"

I was reading a book to my preschooler the other day and it listed ways to let your greatness shine through. Number four was to "Find a quiet place inside. Life can sometimes be so loud. It's hard to listen with all those sounds! Go to a quiet place inside. There your mind can wander or just hide."

I thought of my vision of a quiet place and then I picture my SILs place.



Thursday, January 07, 2010

A case of the Giggles!

My kiddos are in the stage where they shouldn't be going to restaurants. They've learned some ill-mannered habits and feed off of each other in acting up. So, we've taken a hiatus from the restaurant scene. Except.......yesterday. I should have known better, in hindsight, because my preschooler was really tired (he should have taken a nap) and he is like me in that when we get tired, we get goofy. So, we go one of my favorite restaurants for a number of reasons: it was early (not many people), we were really hungry (they have good food that the toddler likes), and the food there is prepared fast. However, several minutes into it, I realized that my toddler had lots of extra energy, and it seemed that my preschooler giggled at everything! So, as the toddler made a loud noise, the preschooler giggled. I never had time to give instructions not to laugh at inappropriate behaviors (thus more are made to produce more giggling) so an circle enveloped where toddler did something, preschooler giggled, mom blushes and tries to stop this pattern with no success. It was not going well and even though the preschooler really tried not to laugh, his giggles were too cute. I just had to pack up and leave. Luckily, the waitress was nice enough to bring all the containers and the preschooler finished his burger in the car on the way home....still giggling, lol!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Vanity Mirror with Magnification

I recently got a Christmas gift from my SIL, a mirror that can magnify. It's wonderful for people like me whose eyesight is slowly getting worse with age, lol! I had mentioned something to my hubby one day when I was having a difficult time seeing what I was doing while putting on makeup. Luckily for me, he mentioned it to her.

I tried it out yesterday for the first time. OMG! I had no idea what my face really looked like! Apparently, I have dead flaky skin coming out of everywhere, even my ears! I used to have dry skin but thought it had gone away...apparently it didn't, I just couldn't see it anymore, which is just kinda embarrassing.

I just love this thing!!! I can actually see what I'm doing now! I had to even brush my teeth twice (looking at teeth through this thing is awesome too!) I may break down and get actual glasses...I use reading glasses for reading the paper, books, instructions (and the computer screen a lot.) Absolutely in heaven now!