Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have been writing down the books we read aloud this summer down as part of a summer reading program for my preschooler. Yesterday, we turned in the form and listened to a presentation about strangers from a police officer. It was a sad quick talk (of no significance) but the officer let the kiddos go look and sit in his police car. Now, that was the cool part for the kids. There was a moment where my preschooler turned around and had an expression of joy/confidence with barely a hint of a smile. It was an expression I've seen only a couple times. He didn't even say anything but I could see in his face and he kinda walked over and stood into me (while waiting for his turn to go see the police car.) By this time, he was patiently waiting for his turn to go outside and was incredibly patient. He got his turn and had a blast! I didn't realize that the back of the police cars were plastic seats (in our area) and that there was Plexiglas between the two seats. Afterwards, we went back in the library's children's section and sat in bean bag chairs (and read books.) At one point, we laid back and looked up. There were cool ceiling windows and a really high circular area. I put the baby on my chest and we both looked up. While he wasn't really sure what we were looking at as we leaned back and looked up, I pointed out all the things we could see above and told him what they were. I realized he was really paying attention and also pointing just like I had. For him to lay still for such a long time, I took advantage of it. I just loved smelling his neck/hair while I was talking to him. Our cheeks were next to each other and his skin was soft I enjoyed taking advantage of his curiosity to hold him as long as possible. It turned out to be more fun than I expected. An ordinary errand turned out to be a fun morning!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wow! Talk about FAST cleaning! A couple of friends were in the neighborhood (one was picking another up from a doctor's appointment) and asked to pop by to use the bathroom and/or hang out a bit. I said, sure! Then, it hit me...OMG! The place is a mess! I went into turbo overdrive...a speed I hadn't had in a long time I think. I managed to clean the kitchen (including dirty dishes from last night), vacuum the living room and halls and clean the bathroom in 30 minutes!! I swept but didn't actually do the real cleaning on the kitchen floor...there wasn't enough time for that. I'm feeling much better now. What's ironic is that they didn't come. They also said something in the original call that we could all go to lunch close by at 11 and it's getting close so I imagine that we'll all just meet there instead. I even sneaked a shower in too (no make-up though.) Of course, my kiddos are sharing dry lucky charms and I've noticed some on the carpet....sigh.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I went grocery shopping today. I really look forward to this task I do at least once a week. There are times that I only go do a great intensive shopping trip once or twice a month (and get milk and a few things weekly.) But I love looking around at different stores for new interesting things to eat (via sampling) or recognizing ingredients I had forgotten about in hopes of making a forgotten recipe. This afternoon, I took my teenager as well as the little boys. My preschooler was Wolverine today (complete in his mostly yellow costume and yellow and black mask.) He asked if he could wear it to the store and told him, sure. Naturally, my teen was having a fit thinking that she would be embarrassed or that he might cause people to look our way. I didn't care because he loves his costume and you can only get away with that at this age for a short time and then you're expected to conform (wear 'normal clothes' and play dress-up only at home.) I love his excitement when he pretends with his costume and voice and when he takes on the behaviors/phrases of his current superhero character. As it turned out, it was a positive experience and she even suggested he put on his mask to top off his whole wardrobe. That was wonderful to watch in and of itself. We did well during this trip not buying a lot of junk food. It was amazing how much fruit we bought as we normally don't buy a lot. I have eaten cherries this week. I haven't eaten cherries since I was a little girl. I don't know why I quit eating them either. I bought a bag a few days ago and have practically eaten the whole bag by myself. I bought another and will eat fruit when I get the urge to eat something sweet.

And a wonderful, scary, noisy thunderstorm rounded off the day giving us our much needed rain. It's still sprinking outside.

What a great day!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We were away for a week! Had a nice relaxing time at a relative's house! Of course, Optimus Prime (from the Transformers) had to go with us:




And I enjoyed another birthday!! I love celebrating them and especially, picking out my own birthday cake! Luckily, my sister-in-law Patti made me one....a Texas Sheet (sheath) cake! Mmmmmm!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I have lived in this house for a year and a half. I moved from another house where I lived for over 20 years. I have yet to put any pictures on the walls, lol! I have many beautiful frames and pictures but enjoy the bare beautiful uncluttered walls that I haven't gotten around to arranging pictures. I don't really have any company to speak of either so I haven't been motivated to do anything about it either. I am going to pick up a picture tomorrow (a family one that was taken a couple of weeks ago) and will finally put it (and other pictures) up. I haven't had a 'family picture' made in over 15 years...and the one before that was when I was still a kid at home. I ought to take family pictures more often. It always seems that I'm the one taking pictures so I have albums and albums full of my family (those other than me) and have only taken professional pictures once in a blue moon. I am so excited about getting the picture tomorrow!!! Here's to change!