Monday, February 24, 2014

...almost spring

...and with spring comes new beginnings. Long gone is the heater and we've been running the a/c for weeks.

We planted a garden last week. And when I say we, I mean my hubby and son. I was inside doing something else, perhaps folding clothes or watching tv or surfing While I love outdoor activities, I usually don't do a lot around the house/yard. That has always been hubby's hobby and I've taken a backseat. And, with my latest precancerous skin stuff removed off my arms, I'll take any excuse to stay out of the sun, lol! We love eating those little red potatoes. I grew up eating them as my dad would plant them each spring too. My son used his tiller to make a couple rows. By the time I went out to take a picture of him, he was practically finished. So I asked him to pose for a picture anyway.

 photo P1110080_zps6246fd02.jpg

 photo P1110082_zpsc6fb45a3.jpg

This month was also blessed with my granddaughter's first surgery. An incredibly stressful couple of weeks led up to this necessary procedure. Of course, she'll have to have many more surgeries throughout her life and this was just a first. I loved spending time with my daughter, her fiancé/boyfriend and their daughter. I have never spent that much time with them, just me and them, and was eager to help them as much as possible. Having support in times of stress can make life so much easier and I was grateful they allowed me to enter their world and stay with them. And my younger daughter graciously watched my younger kiddos while I drove 5 hours away for 5 days to stay with them. I couldn't have done any of this without her helping me care for them. While away, it felt like I know my granddaughter so much more now. Since I have young children, much of my time is spent with them and I'm the grandma who helps with rides, money or paperwork for insurances/applications. The other grandma is the one who usually babysits and spends time with I loved each minute I spent with 'lil Olivia. This is her new beginning as this surgery helped remodel her skull to give her brain more room to grow...

 photo e8984fd9-124d-4541-9311-a1f68d0c3825_zps36e42ecc.jpg