Monday, May 21, 2007

State Capitals! Hm.... When I was in the fifth grade, I had to learn all the state capitals and the states. I didn't try very hard and when I made a 30 something on my test, I had to take my test home and get my parent's signature. The next day was another scheduled test, and on that time, spelling would be counted. Needless to say, after my disappointed mother signed my test, she studied with me all afternoon and evening. The next day, I made a 97 on my spelling/capital test. I have always remembered that feeling when I passed, after having tried that night, and it has helped me in building character.

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So, when my nephew wanted something to do to make money, I had a suggestion. I'd give him 50 cents for each correct capital. A few months went by...when he asked again last week, I again suggested learning the capitals. This time, he took me up on it. After 5 days, he made a perfect score! Great job, Cody!

....The Presidents are next. :)

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