Sunday, August 30, 2009

Somehow, I found motivation to clean today! Mmmmm! I love the smell of a clean house! LOL! Obviously, it doesn't happen as often as it should. There are a few problem areas that I'm still trying to iron out. I feel so productive as I planned several goals and then followed through. Of course, I had to stop several times to play Wolverine and the X Men, to hold the toddler as his gums were hurting, and help the preschooler with puzzles. We took advantage of the quality time together while his brother was taking a nap (as puzzle pieces can become airborne or chewed up otherwise.) It could have been done much faster, but what fun is that? The preschooler insisted on helping in the kitchen mopping and later, the toddler insisted on helping to mop in the bathroom. Hopefully, I can keep that kind of help up, especially when they get to be teens, lol! It was a great day!

In addition, I even took my mother-in-law to lunch. I have never done that. She was the kind of lady who didn't eat out much and always had a reason to stay home or order out. Now that she can't remember much, she didn't know she didn't like to eat out. It was a little stressful...not because of her but because of the two kiddos I had with us. I ordered her food I knew she would enjoy. She ate slowly and we were finished long before she was. Perhaps it was because it was habit...that we rush through the meal before the kids lose interest and get loud. I ordered a bowl of ice cream for the kiddos to keep them entertained while she finished up. She was quiet most of the time but made a joke that she didn't get any ice cream. We all laughed. I realized a little later that she actually wanted some so I ordered some for her as well. Halfway through her ice cream, she asked why she was eating ice cream. LOL! I answered because she asked for it and it was really good. She agreed and finished it up. Yep, ice cream definitely brings out smiles and makes life good.


Floortime Lite Mama said...

You are so good to the people around you !!
Your boy sound so sweet
Is it much harder having two?

robin said...

LOL! It's always harder having more than one. As the little one gets older, it gets a lot easier. Now, they play they'll both dig in the yard near each other. The little one will mimic everything the older one does (vehicle noises, laughing at the table.) They miss each other a lot when separated. They get along SO much better at this age than my older two (who were 5 years apart.)