Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monkey's Adventures

My preschooler sleeps with his monkey every nap and bedtime. 'Monkey' will jump out of bed (which means my preschooler will throw him from the bed) when something is needed (when he needs to use the potty or get a new tissue.) By jumping from the bed, I have to go in his room to place him back into bed (and get said tissue or help preschooler with potty or whatever.) This 'monkey jumping' outta bed sometimes gets to be a problem so we try to ensure the sleeping routine covers each issue beforehand. That silly monkey!

Sometimes, when we go places, Monkey will ride with us! Looking through my pictures in my camera, I ran across a few I took while waiting in the car (and I don't remember why.) I remember I was looking at something and my preschooler had placed Monkey up there and I called for him to get down (in a pretend mad voice.) Each time I instructed him to get down, my preschooler would break out in a hysterical laugh!


In fact, even as I write this post, Monkey is jumping (being thrown up and landing on my preschooler's head or in my closet where I have to stop and go find him amongst my hoard of boxes or clothes or on my bed where he needs to come get him causing my laptop to move all around, lol!) I am hearing a little pretend Aaaah! and then I see Monkey fly past me. Afterwards, I always hear a little "Monkey jumped!" or "Silly Monkey!"


Þorgerður said...

Adorable... sweet pictures.

Anonymous said...

hehe! how funny! :)