Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our July 4th Weekend

We generally celebrate July 4th at my hubby's sister's house. It has become one of our favorite family traditions. This year, she had many family members and friends there to hang out, eat, visit and celebrate the Fourth together. We had an awesome time and the weather cooperated beautifully!

The previous week, my soon to be third grader broke his arm while playing with a neighbor on their trampoline. So he wasn't able to swim in the bay or do what he usually does but he had a great time nevertheless. He wanted a camouflage colored cast but settled for green instead.

 photo P1080975_zpsb9e6c933.jpg

Of course, my boys had to wear their patriotic shirts and loved them. In fact, my youngest 'had' to wear his shirt the following day too (it wasn't very dirty, lol!)

 photo P1080994_zps23aebf6c.jpg

I loved all the decorations at SILs place! The kids helped place them on the bulkhead!

 photo P1090045_zps57973bbb.jpg

At one point, my hubby came in and got my camera to take this picture. I agreed after I saw was a Kodak moment.

 photo P1080995_zps741ebc34.jpg

We had LOTS of food including hot dogs, brisket and all the extras! There was so much great food that I didn't get to try a lot of it! My SIL is an awesome cook!

 photo P1090021_zps68cf1500.jpg

My SILs house is the blue one with white windows! That house and their neighbor share the pier.

 photo P1090040_zpsd1a3918e.jpg

Sunset. One of the neighbors had HUGE kites that they flew during the day. Watching them in the wind seemed so calming.

 photo P1090049_zps77eb6865.jpg

One cool thing that occurred that husband's nephew's son (who has autism) held onto and enjoyed a sparkler. He stayed inside during the fireworks but watched them through the window. He is one week younger than my almost third grader.

 photo P1090092_zps1f1cc79e.jpg

Such a great weekend...there were 14 dogs there and they all got along. More people than I could count. I loved helping out in the kitchen (aka hiding there away from lots of people) and it was just another great holiday to remember with my SIL and hubby's family.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures! the second one is great!!!!! everything looks so nice and fun! :) :)