Thursday, March 26, 2009

We went on a daytrip out of town and decided at the last minute to go to their local beach a couple days ago. Here are my favorite pictures from the day.

Here is my preschooler dancing around in the water.

My baby loved feeling sand on his toes.

Chasing the seagull (while making bird sounds.)

Loving to get dirty!


Nancy said...

I'm not sure if you say your kids names in your blog.. I'll just call them big boy and little boy.

Big boy looks like he's having a blast! I want to dance in the waves too!

Little man looks thrilled with the sand (and he's getting so big! I want to see him again soon). We're supposed to go to the beach this summer and I'm betting Nathan will try to eat the sand... did your little man do that?

robin said...

Surprisingly, no, he didn't eat the sand. He did try to eat two shells (and I caught him each time and said, ewww!) I thought he'd try more often, but didn't. It made it SO much less stressful that he was just content playing with the sand. I was happy that I bought TWO pails with shovels though as I anticipated rivalry, whew!

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun!!!