Sunday, April 19, 2009

The climbing stage...I had forgotten about it. It seems that it's all my baby does. He has recently climbed onto and into everything! I found him earlier climbing from the little wooden rocking chair onto the living room table (a good two feet off the floor) earlier. He keeps crawling onto the couch (after his big brother takes the cushions off.) Unfortunately, his balance skills aren't perfected so he's a bit wobbly and I need to stay close, just in case. He loves stairs too. He crawled onto his walker (it wasn't made to climb on) and when his little feet got all crooked inside, he put out the loudest shrill distinctly making sure he was heard and needed help, fast! All these new climbing skills have happened in just a few short days...I love watching him learn new fun stuff and enjoy watching his excitement afterwards.

This is where I found him this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I remember the climbing days. =D He'll keep you on your toes!!

Nancy said...

Good Luck! He's working on those "mommy panic" skills! I hope he isn't as adventurous as Nathan.. :D That child gives me heart palpitations daily.