Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I love this day! We'll be making teacakes (love the dough,) by cutting out shapes with cookie cutters (accumulated over decades,) cooking them and then later frosting them. I have Christmas music playing in the background, scented candles in the other room making everything smell great, and wassail on the stove! The kiddos are excited with anticipation of what the night will bring! We just finished cooking lunch (baby back ribs and potato salad) and invited a couple of friends to stop by to eat or hang out. I'll be wrapping presents during the naptime for the kids and then the countdown begins! Putting reindeer food out in the yard, setting out carrots (for the reindeer) as well as milk and cookies (for Santa) along with hanging stockings before bedtime. I wish this day would go on for days!

Kids making gingerbread house


Lisa said...

LOVE this image!
Your children are gorgeous...and I love Christmas too!
I so eagerly await for it every year!

tattytiara said...

You know, you're right. I think back on my favorite holiday memories, and they're all of Christmas eve. That's where the heart of the holiday lies, isn't it?