Monday, December 13, 2010

My daughter's First Car

Well, it's not actually her first car, but her first new car. My nineteen year old daugter was given our old car about a year and half ago (it was very used) as a reward for graduating high school. It was a necessary carrot to assist her with attending and finishing school (for which she had years and years of trouble attending and difficulty learning.) But, in the last year or so, it started nickel-and-diming us.

After a few incidents in the last few weeks with large repair bills, we had considered options. One of her positive attributes is that she has a good work ethic. She's matured a lot in the last year and works hard to pay off her debts. We figured out how much she could afford each month and then added more for maitenance/extras in order to discuss payments. Of course, is's also low enough so that if worse came to worse, we could afford the payments as well (since we assisted with cosigning it thus helping her credit for the future.) I assured her that she would never have this opportunity again for a cosigner and needed to make sure she paid us the money for the note/maitenance each month before it's due. She said she'd pay half each paycheck so it wasn't so much at once which I thought was a good idea as well. So, we spent a day last week choosing the perfect inexpesive new safe vehicle. She's a happy camper now!

She has also been more considerate and nice lately too (which is also good to see.) Not that she hadn't been before, but it's nice to be appreciated. She's been staying with her friend a lot too...and I miss her.

I grabbed this pic from her facebook page that she took of herself with my two younger kiddos. It's one of my recent favorites of her!



Lisa said...

Awww you're such a good Mommy Robin!
Your children are beautiful.
Great way to teach her values...

Floortime Lite Mama said...

she is sooo gorgeous
and you are a lovley mummy
hope she loves her car

Rachel said...

Aww, so glad that step of independence has been so positive!

That is an absolutely precious photo of your kiddos.

And thanks for the comment on our blog. To be honest, he "kinda" helped with the cookies, but mostly with the sprinkles. The only way the flour ended up on him was because he laid his face in it after we were done and used his mini excavator to scoop up the flour! :)