Tuesday, August 06, 2013

George Ranch Visit

I had a Groupon certificate to the George Ranch Historical Park near Houston, Texas and we finally visited there last week. We were on our way somewhere else and it was on the way so we stopped. We had forgotten how HOT it was though so we didn't stay very long. We will definitely return to see the rest of the Park. Luckily, we arrived just before the cattle demonstration. The park itself is still a 20,000 acre working ranch and the demonstration showed how they rounded up cattle and some of their practices they used in the last hundred years or so. There are cattle all over the place around here in Texas where we live and I've always wanted to stop at one and look around. This was the next best thing. And my son loved to see his favorite 'amazing' animal, the Texas Longhorn.

 photo P1090300_zps3bfe6e81.jpg
 photo P1090297_zpsc838b6ff.jpg

And then they showed how they used to dip the cattle to eradicate a certain type of tick that killed many of them during the last century. It allowed us to see some cattle (and real cowboys) up close.

 photo P1090305_zpsf1677d83.jpg

There was a wagon that carried you around to the different residences on the ranch or you could walk around. We chose to wait until we return to see all of them but we did notice a warning sign if we chose to walk around, lol!

 photo P1090320_zpsc6838193.jpg

And, my kiddo decided that even though he wanted to grow up to be a Navy Seal, he thinks being a cowboy seems even more cool. He loves the thought of using all the farm equipment as well as riding the horses to round up the cattle. Of course, he has now been browsing the internet looking for ranches where he could go and learn how to be a real cowboy next summer. Both my hubby and my kiddo got cowboy hats while there. Here is a pic of my kiddo the next day in front of my SIL and BILs tractor. He loves this blue 'working shirt' and wears it ALL the time! The new cowboy hat totally completed the look he wanted.

 photo P1090324_zps2485c007.jpg

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Floortime Lite Mama said...

What a gorgeous place to go
Love that bit of Texas culture
Kids are cuter than ever